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The Fashion & Music Conference  Presents "FMC"  which  is a international prestigious Fashion  week show & TV Production  held in New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, London, and various cities around the world and features guest designers & musicians. 

All FMC shows are Televised on Vimeo and are also live streamed to over 30.000 online viewers globally with a limited in house VIP audience  including press and buyers.


This spectacular event is a fusion of high fashion and music,

Industry elite, media, press and celebrity guests held in renowned venues around the world.


FMC offer's Designers the chance to showcase their collection to the fashion industry and the world's press. All designers featured in our show are guaranteed  press coverage.

 We are currently taking Designer applications for our New York, Los Angeles and Hamptons 2023 shows!




 N.Y.F.MC- Sep 2024   L.A.F.M.C- Oct 2024  London-FMC- June 2024 Miami FMC June 2024

                                                                  Italy FMC Oct 2024




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